At work (3)

Earlier I made a few songs on the synthesizers the NOS had, an ARP 2500 and 2600. I did some extra work on it and it was also in the program. They are not very long, so here they are. 
The first one is not my own composition, but it was made by Erich Ferstl for the German science fiction television series: "Alpha Alpha". It is a 5/4 and in the original composition played with 6 saxophones. I liked it very much, and taped it from the TV. Then I made my own arrangement with the synthesizer. As "drumtrack" I made a sequence on the ARP 2500, one I used moreoften. 
If anyone who reads this knows of the existence of the original music of this TV-series, please let me know.
The second tune is "Chopper". The measures are 8-7-8-6 (or 4-4-4-3, 4-4-4-2). But in the middle you have to count it twice as fast as a 7/4. A little strange I admit that, but it just developed like that. And you can hear I had some trouble playing it as well.
I named the tune "chopper" when I noticed that if I made a little change on the sequencer of the synthesizer, it sounded like a helicopter. I made use of that sound at the end.
The third tune is called "F.A.D.". It is the last part of an organpiece I wrote many years earlier. I was trying to compose in a baroque style. My father was sitting next to the organ and was annoyed. His comment was: "Do you want to be famous after you're dead?" I thought it was very funny. In the last part I did some crazy things (baroque-wise) and I decided to play it on synthesizer. Remembering my fathers remark I named it "Fame After Death" or just "F.A.D."
The fourth tune is something I tried to do on synthesizer I heard in Thailand. In Bangkok there is a famous shrine on a very busy streetcorner. Many people come there and musicians and dancers will perform for Phra Phrom (Brahma)  if you pay them. I made a recording and liked the melody of what they were singing. I don't know what the melody is, so I called it "Erawan", after the name of the shrine, and the elephant of Phra Phrom.

Alpha Alpha




The TROS-KRO programs were aired in january and february 1983. 
1982 was a very busy year for me because not only did I start with radioplays, but also the SVEM opened. And also the other guys had a lot of work and it was very hard to get together to play so we decided to stop. Because I had to do the arrangements for the PT-band and didn't have time for it anymore, that was the first group to stop. I continued for a while with John Evers (guitar), Hugo Vogel (drums), Paul Schoenmakers (bass) and me on Fender and synthesizer (Yamaha DX7). But also for us it was hard to get together so we stopped.

In the SVEM I could play music too, this time with a computer system from CMI: the Fairlight. And also at home I started to do more on computer, an Atari 1024. I bought a Yamaha DX7 and a Roland MT32 to make demo's. I have a special page with pictures and the music I made in the SVEM between 1982 and 1989.

The last years I worked for the NOS (already called NOB and independent from the broadcast corporations) I didn't do anything with music. Because of the changes in the ideas of broadcasting in my country of several governments, my work also started to deteriorate and getting less interesting by the year. 
But not only that, also the way the NOB reorganised meant that I didn't work for all broadcasting corporations anymore. I only worked for KRO, NCRV and TROS in the nineties. That meant that when the NOS had a radioplay, they couldn't get me as an engineer. In the beginning this was ignored, because the NOS asked specificaly for me, so the NOB had to comply. But gradually I had less and less radio plays and more newsprograms and so on.

I still worked too many hours a week but only a few programs were interesting to do. Programs like "Damocles" (KRO). Other nice programs to do were "Goudmijn", "Thank God, it's friday" and "Theater van het Sentiment" (all KRO).  I also did a simple program with only 78th records called "Oud Plaatwerk" (TROS) with presenter/singer Herman Emmink whom I have known and worked with since I joined the NOS in 1973 (and before that as the original singer of "Tulips from Amsterdam"), but they cancelled his program too. Also the Jazz-programs I liked to do, vanished.  Everything seemed too expensive to do, so in the early ninetees there were no radio plays for me anymore and the SVEM already stopped in 1989, both my specialities. There was not much work to justify my function as a 'head program engineer' anymore.

So I started a hobby that resulted in a website about TV-series. Because of this hobby I started learning more about databases, computers and programming. This knowledge came in very handy when the KRO asked me to do a project for them. They hired me from the NOB from october 1996 and I joined the KRO in july 1997 and left the NOB after 24 years and 4 months. They couldn't (or rather wouldn't) offer me the same interesting work.

I was very busy at the KRO, so still no music-making. But I could play on the Steinway in the studio and did make a composition during that time. It's on my At home earlier page, because I recorded it again with my Atari and DX7 keyboard.
The KRO moved to another location within Hilversum in may 2000 and I am still working there. In 2004 I bought a keyboard, a Yamaha PSR3000, and I am enjoying it very much.

I will be 56 the 10th of august 2005.