At home earlier (2)

The songs on the previous page were recorded on july 1979 and november 1979. That year I recorded some more songs both on the Wersi organ and on the guitar.

First here are four more songs I made on the Wersi organ that were not arranged for the PT-band. 
However Lepus was also played by the John Evers Band.

Orion Starsystem - 1979
Orionis - 1979
Lepus - 1980
Cygnus -1980

You might notice that not only Orion, but also the other three titles are all starsystems. Of course that was triggered by the model of the Wersi Organ (Orion W1T), but I am also interested in the universe and so that was another reason why I chose these names.

The picture on the right is me, playing in my room - I still lived with my mother at the time (my father died in 1976).

Two more songs I recorded in 1979, but were composed earlier.
The first one is Contactee. I am not only interested in the universe, but I like science fiction as well. I have many books and magazines with SF stories. UFO's intrigue me although I don't have a fixed opinion about them. After reading the book The UFO Experience by Dr. Allen J Hynek (1973?), I wrote the lyrics to a song I was just working on. I didn't do anything with it untill I decided to combine a few of my compositions and do something with the lyrics.
Of course I am not too happy about my performance - I am not a singer - but I think the idea is good and I feel it belongs on this site. The song is about a man who has a UFO experience and everybody has an opinion. Some people think they know the answer to everything and there are even people who translate the event in a religious happening.
I integrated a simple organ piece I wrote as a study of classical organ music. The third part of that organ piece you already could have heard, because I played it on synthesizer and called it F.A.D. However in Contactee I used another part of that same organpiece.

The second piece was composed by my brother very much earlier than when I recorded it. I liked it and wrote lyrics to the song. It's a kind of protestsong.



What I used for home-recording was my acoustic guitar my brother gave to me, my accordion, my Korg MS-20 and the WERSI organ. I sang too, although I am not a singer and I don't have a nice voice.

Because I was unhappy about the rhythm box, I started using DRUMDROPS, the records of David Crigger, a drummer from Los Angeles. I couldn't use these at once, but I edited a drumtrack to fit my composition and then built my song. There is quite some material from those days. Here are 4 of them.


From the moment

I want only you


I like to write songs, but I can't write lyrics. So I have to make things up. The name Khanika is not my invention, but the Thai name for a flower and a name for a girl. The flower is also known as Hursinghar, which doesn't sound half as nice ;-) This song was composed 10 years earlier than I recorded it. I wrote it in 1970 and the text came a year later. What made me record it? Drumdrops did. Actually there are two songs here, songs I also wrote around 1970. I recorded it for the same reason as the precious song: I edited a few "drumdrops" and bridged the two songs together. One of my favorites, a fast Bossa Nova. I composed this one around 1980, during the same time I made "Khanika". To think of lyrics wasn't easy at all. It took me a long time and I just continued with the same idea as in Khanika.

Then there was the KRO-TROS project you could have read about in the section At Work. I was asked to arrange a few songs for colleague Beer Gertenbach. One of those songs was By the Light of the Silvery Moon and I had to make an arrangement for the PT-band and singers. So made a demo at home to test my idea for the singers. Here is a part of it:

Of course you will have noticed the guitars in the previous compositions. I still play on this guitar. It is an acoustic guitar and I usually play it twice, put one guitar on the left and the other on the right. This photo is taken in 1985, the year I married the girl on the photo. No, her name is not Khanika but Wilaiwan, and yes, she is from Thailand.

1985 is also the year I bought a house and started a new life. Not really a time to make a lot of recordings in my spare time. There wasn't really spare time anymore. The Wersi Organ was taken to the VARA studio.

Wilaiwan 1985