My brother Gerard de Boer can remember more from his years in Indonesia than I can, because he is four years older. He was 2 years old when he went from Alkmaar to Indonesia and 11 years old when we returned to Holland. In the late 50's of the last century many Indonesians, mostly from Dutch decent, came to the Netherlands and brought their music with them. It was an interesting mixture of country & western and Rock 'n' Roll, with krontjong influences in the guitarsolo's - the style is known as "Indo-Rock". Many of these Indorock-groups were playing in the Netherlands in the 60's and also went to Germany, where many groups played, like the Beatles (known as Beat Brothers in those years). The in Holland wellknown Indorock group "The Tielman Brothers" were in Hamburg at the same time as the Beatles. There are some good sites of IndoRock on the World Wide Web, but they are all in Dutch.

Here are some photo's of my brother playing in Amsterdam for a schoolparty. The little indonesian guy is Jimmy Kalff, who now works in Germany at the moment and calls himself Jimmy Green. These are rare photographs of him. Jimmy is also mentioned on the IndoRock sites, because after school (the same school my brother went to) he kept playing in a few IndoRock groups.

my brother on the far left, Jimmy Kalff on the right

Gerard de Boer looking into the camera

?  -   Ton Boogaard  -   Jimmy Kalff

Gerard de Boer  -  Jimmy Kalff  -  Ton Boogaard